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Wordy Wednesday – Pink

According to pink is defined as
1. a color varying from light crimson to pale reddish purple.
2. any of several plants of the genus Dianthus, as the clove pink or carnation.
3. the flower of such a plant; carnation.
4. the highest form or degree; prime:
a runner in the pink of condition.
5. (often initial capital letter). Also, pinko. Slang: Disparaging. a person with left-wing, but not extreme, political opinions.
6. Business Informal. a carbon copy, as of a sales slip or invoice, made on pink tissue paper.

So pink is just a colour, yet it has become synonymous with girls. In fact it is how we identify our newborn girls to the world. It seems to be how toy manufacturers brand their toy to be “for girls”. In fact pink is the only colour that has been “claimed” for one gender over the other. Blue is typically considered to be more of a boy’s colour (especially for newborns) but blue is not off limits for girls like pink is for boys.

Please feel free to read an article I wrote for Today I Found Out entitled The Surprisingly Recent Time Period When Boys Wore Pink, Girls Wore Blue, and Both Wore Dresses. This article describes how both the colour pink and dresses became “girl” things. But why is it that these two things have been “claimed” for girls? Girls can wear pants and the colour blue. They can even wear blue pants. But boys cannot wear a dress and they take heat for wearing the colour pink. Imagine if they wore a pink dress! Why does society have such a problem with that? I have the answer but you are going to have to wait until next Wordy Wednesday when I discuss the term “like a girl”.

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