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Food For Thought Friday – Marital Name Change

To change or not to change your name when you get married, that is the question. Unfortunately it seems to be a question for only one person in a heterosexual marriage – the woman! In same-sex marriages there is no gender inequality going on so each person in that relationship ponders the same question(s):

1. Should we share the same last name when we marry?

2. If so, what will that last name be? (it doesn’t even have to be one either partner was born with)

It should be that simple and that equal but it is not. According to statistics taken from Why should married women change their names? Let men change theirs, by Jill Filipovic:

  • Ten percent of the American public still thinks that keeping your name means you aren’t dedicated to your marriage.
  • 50% of Americans think you should be legally required to take your husband’s name.
  • Upwards of 90% of women do change their names when they get married.

Hard to believe this is true in 2014 (practically 2015). Maybe these same people still think letters should be addressed to Mr. and Mrs. John Smith. I mean, women are already giving up one¬†half of their identity, what’s another half going to hurt?

According to the article written by Jill Filipovic, one of the reasons women say they took their husband’s surname is because his was better anyway. What if his first name is better? Would you take that too?

The sad fact is that the burden of deciding on whether or not to change surnames in the spirit of family unity¬†always falls to the woman and the woman alone. Is a man’s identity really that much superior to that of a woman?



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