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Dear Daughters, This is how Pink Became the Color of Anti-Bullying

Dear Daughters,

Could you imagine being bullied simply because you wore a yellow shirt to school? How about for wearing a purple shirt? A brown one? A pink one? As you know, this is what happened to a grade 9 student in a Nova Scotia school. On the first day of school in 2007 he wore a pink polo shirt. For that, he became the target of harassment and threats of physical harm. What was so bad about him wearing a pink shirt?

It seems that in our society, some people are offended when boys wear pink, most likely because they consider wearing it to be a sign of weakness since pink is a “girl color”. For the most part, our society still incorrectly and unfoundedly considers girls fragile and weaker than boys. This is something that definitely has to change!

More pink

We love our pink!

Luckily for this grade 9 student there were many students at his school – both boys and girls – who did not have a problem with his choice of shirt color. It was grade 12 boys at the school who decided to stand up to the bullies and show them that their behavior was unacceptable. So David Shepherd and Travis Price went to a thrift store and bought all the pink shirts and tank tops they could fine. Then they spread the word to all of their friends – everyone was to wear one of the pink shirts the next day at school to show the bullies that no one was going to put up with their behavior.

Their idea worked even better than they planned. They had been able to purchase only 50 shirts so the hundreds of students without one came dressed in their own pink clothes. The bullies got the message loud and clear and stopped bullying the grade 9 student. Even better was that David and Travis’ message was heard by more than just the bullies at their own school – bullies in all of North America heard their message! And it did not stop there. Because of David and Travis, the last Wednesday in February every year is now known as Pink Shirt Day or Anti-Bullying Day where children and adults are encouraged to wear pink and unite in the fight against bullying.

This is another example, my dear daughters, of how you do not have to be a grown-up to create change or to fight for what you is right!

The UK Telegraph posted this picture as one of its pictures of the day for September 27, 2012. It is a linesman in a professional soccer league…and he is wearing pink (not sure what the coach is doing)!


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