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Dear Daughters, You Don’t Have to be a Grownup to Change Things

Dear Daughters,

You don’t have to be a grown up to change things. We have Lexi Peters, a 14-year-old hockey player, to thank for changing the NHL series of video games produced by EA Sports. For the first 11 versions of this video game, players had only one choice of characters – males. There were no options to create female characters. Instead of accepting this as “just the way it is”, Lexi wrote a letter to EA Sports expressing her desire for the option to create female characters. EA Sports not only integrated this change into their next version of the game, NHL 12, they went on to create the default female character to look like Lexi. Who knows how long this change would have taken, or if it would have ever happened, if Lexi hadn’t sent her letter.

And the change continues…in their newly released version of the game, NHL 13, EA Sports has added two recognizable female hockey players to the roster. In addition to being able to create custom female characters, players can now add Hayley Wickenheiser or Angela Ruggiero to their roster. Wickenheiser, who plays centre, is the captain of Team Canada and was the first woman to ever score a goal in men’s professional hockey. Ruggiero, an American who plays defense, was the first woman to ever play in a regular season professional hockey game in the United States in a position other than goalie. Both have represented and won medals for their respective countries in the Olympics.

So dear daughters, you can see that everyone has the power to change things. And sometimes big changes come from seemingly simple ones.

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