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From me to you, highlighting challenges faced by girls

Dear Daughters, Will These People Intervene and Stop a Possible Sexual Assault?

Dear Daughters,

Today I came across a video from the greenclips YouTube channel. It is a segment from the ABC television show called What Would You Do? In this segment people are tested to see what they would do if they saw a very intoxicated woman being lured away from a bar by a man.

The good news is that most people did intervene, no matter what the girl’s attire or demeanour, but sadly, we cannot all count on the goodness of strangers to do what is right. Watch at the end as two married men, one of them an off duty cop, not only laugh and think it is funny but wish they were in this guy’s shoes with a drunk girl at their disposal. As one of them says, “That guy just hit the Mega Millions”.

A drunk girl to take advantage of is the Mega Millions? Really? Our society still has a long way to go in abolishing rape culture. The current media bombards us with messages that often use violence against women as the butt of jokes as I previously wrote about in Dear Daughters, This Disturbing Truck Decal Was Used to Boost Sales, and as seen in this clip on the Upworthy website that shows rape jokes used in popular shows, including 2 Broke Girls.

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