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From me to you, highlighting challenges faced by girls

Dear Daughters, Who says girls don’t like to play with guns?

Dear Daughters,

When people think of themes for girls’ birthday parties, I am sure laser tag is not on their list. They obviously have never been to one of our parties. We have had many birthday party themes over the years that are not traditionally thought of as “girls'” parties. We have had a train theme, space theme, dinosaur theme, and most recently SpongeBob SquarePants and laser tag themes.

Your birthday party themes are always based on your likes, not your gender, so I was ¬†surprised by your request, eldest dear daughter, to have your birthday party at the local laser tag place not because girls aren’t typically thought of to want to play with guns, but because you¬†have never shown much interest in games involving guns. You have lots of friends that are boys and with them you have played games involving guns and other weapons, but that was it. Once you were back home you showed no interest in playing these games with your sisters or your girl friends. You never asked me to buy you any of these toy weapons. When your boy friends came over to your house to play, they played with the toys you owned.

I knew nothing about laser tag and when I checked out their website, I saw only one girl pictured on it. She is wearing a pink shirt on the icon for the picture gallery. When you click on the photo gallery, however, you see picture after picture of boys enjoying laser tag. I know that middle dear daughter was invited to a laser tag birthday party this past summer for one of her girl friends and I believe a few of your guests had played laser tag before, so I know it is not as uncommon as one might think for girls to enjoy a birthday party there. At your birthday party 10 girls and 1 boy enjoyed three close games of laser tag and loved every minute! And for someone who rarely plays games involving guns eldest dear daughter, might I say you looked just a bit too natural holding yours!

Eldest dear daughter ready for a game of laser tag

Eldest dear daughter ready for a game of laser tag


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