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Dear Daughters, Wendy’s Got It Right!!

Dear Daughters,

Tonight we visited Wendy’s (Cole Harbour) and ordered three kids’ meals. Typically we are never asked what toy we would prefer as I think they usually only have one available. Well, tonight they had two toys available and I was so very pleased when the cashier asked, “And would you like the Tonka Truck or the Care Bear toy?” I almost could not believe my ears but happily relayed the choices to you, my dear daughters. Two of you chose the Care Bear toy and one of you chose the Tonka Truck. She then relayed your toy choices to her coworker at the next window by speaking into her headset. She never referred to them as anything other than what they are – Tonka Trucks and Care Bears. I thanked the cashier very much for not referring to them as “boy” and “girl” toys and for allowing you to choose.

Words are powerful. Asking, “Would you like a Tonka Truck or a Care Bear,” allows for individual choice. Asking, “Would you like the “boy” toy or the “girl” toy,” pressures children and their parents to conform to ridiculous gender stereotypes.

Congratulations to Wendy’s for getting it right! We will definitely be back!

Wendy’s Kids’ Meal toys – Care Bears and Tonka Trucks

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