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From me to you, highlighting challenges faced by girls

Dear Daughters, We are #NotBuyingIt SodaStream and Scarlett Johansson

Dear Daughters,

I am not famous so maybe there is something I am missing, but I am thinking that with the influence celebrities have over people, they would have the most influence in changing society’s rape culture and sexual objectification of girls and women. It is true that I do not understand the demands and pressures celebrities are under which hinders my ability to assess how easy this change would be to make. I am, however, a fan of many of these celebrities (notably Sandra Bullock, Ellen DeGeneres, Jennifer Lawrence, Melissa McCarthy, Kate Winslet and Jennifer Aniston) and I totally understand the influence they have on common folk like me and you my dear daughters. It should be reiterated (for those that forget) that one only becomes a celebrity when one has a huge fan base. Without fans, a celebrity remains just as talented, but relatively unknown. The very fans who have raised them to celebrity status are the same fans who are influenced by what these celebrities say and do and by the media through which they choose to use their talents. This is why I am so surprised and disappointed at Scarlett Johansson. Please watch the ad she shot for SodaStream which is scheduled to be one of the very SuperBowl commercials The Representation Project’s #NotBuyingIt campaign is trying to rid the world of. The video starts off with Johansson demonstrating the SodaStream product but then indicating that this is not enough, that she needs this video to go viral. She succeeds but FOR ALL THE WRONG REASONS! Her solution to getting the video to go viral – Johansson reduces herself to a sexual object. Music and a man’s voice that are only heard in porno movies are even added for effect. She may help sell lots of SodaStream but she has done far more damage to girls and women.

There is a reason that everyone is currently infatuated (and will likely remain so for her entire career) with Jennifer Lawrence. First of all, she plays a strong female protagonist in Katniss Everdeen. Hollywood needs way more female protagonists but that’s a whole other post. Though The Hunger Games was not at all Lawrence’s first amazing performance, it is the role that garnered attention to her acting, for which we are thankful. Lawrence is super talented and getting much deserved recognition. What is also special and sets her apart from other celebrities is that she is not afraid to be HERSELF. She is a role model for all girls and women. She exudes the message BE YOURSELF! Do not try to fit into the slim and narrow box society has tried to squeeze us into. Lawrence tells it like it is which is something most of us would love to be able to do. As far as status goes, Lawrence’s life and mine are worlds apart but regardless, we are both women and therefore face the same pressures that come with being one. So far, Jennifer Lawrence is handling them well and showing her fans that you can be a woman who is valued for more than your looks. Break down the box and set it to the curb! Jennifer Lawrence does!

Her entire appearance on the David Letterman show is worth watching but watch at 4:45pm as she explains a health scare she had. It is for candidness like this that her fans are here to stay!

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