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From me to you, highlighting challenges faced by girls

Dear Daughters, We are extremely lucky for our education

Dear Daughters,

One of the many ways in which we are extremely fortunate is our access to education. Sadly, many people in the world, mostly girls, do not have access to a quality education or even worse, have no access to any education at all. Even in places where girls have access, many are denied their right to an education based on traditional gender roles, religious beliefs and/or economic difficulties. In many of the developing nations, education is not free as it is here in Canada. Families that must choose which children to send to school will send brothers over sisters. For some girls who have overcome all obstacles and who are fortunate enough to attend school, school is a dangerous place where they are victims of physical violence.

According to Plan Canada, “If we start to invest in girls as soon as they are born, they will grow up to make sure their own children are well fed, go to school and have the skills to earn a decent living.

For each year that a girl stays in school, her income will rise by 10-20 per cent. With the opportunity to earn a living, she will pull herself out of poverty and bring her children along with her. She will invest what she earns in them, and in their health, education and futures.

An educated girl will be more likely to marry later and have fewer, healthier children. She also has a greater chance of remaining healthy and alive, and, if she does, her children will be 3-10 times more likely to survive.”

On October 11, the first International Day of the Girl, the focus will be on education.

Watch the video from Plan Canada about their work to help all girls access education.

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