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Dear Daughters, Today is Pink Shirt Day!

Dear Daughters,

Today is the last Wednesday in February which means that today is…PINK SHIRT DAY!

Back in 2007 a Nova Scotia student wore a pink polo shirt to school. He was thenĀ harrassedĀ and received physical threats. In order to make a statement to the bullies that their behaviour was unacceptable, two students in the same school, David and Travis, wore pink shirts to school the next day and encouraged their friends to do the same. Since then, the last Wednesday in February has been known as Pink Shirt Day! Children and adults are encouraged to wear pink and unite in the fight against bullying. See more about this story in my previous post entitled, Dear Daughters, This is How Pink Became the Color of Anti-Bullying Day.

Watch the official television commercial for Pink Shirt Day 2013. It says that speaking up can stop bullying in 10 seconds!


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