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Dear Daughters, This Disturbing Truck Decal Was Used to Boost Sales

Dear Daughters,

As I was perusing the net this morning I came across a very concerning article on entitled, Is This the Most Offensive Truck Decal You’ve Ever Seen? Let’s Hope So.

See the decal for yourself, it is beyond offensive!

Photo: Screengrab/KWTX

This decal was the brilliant (sarcasm) idea of a small business owner looking to spike sales for his decal business in Waco, Texas. He wanted to create something that would grab attention. Guess he was of the negative attention is still attention camp! So he photographed one of his female employees in the pose seen above and then applied the decal to the back of his company truck and drove around town.

He got attention alright but is quoted as saying, “I wasn’t expecting the reactions we got, nor do we condone this by any means.”

The reactions he got included eye-rolling, outrage and descriptions of his decal as horrifying and lacking a “sense of humor”. Parents wondered how to explain such a thing to their children.

But remember, he doesn’t condone violence against women. Then how can he see it as a perfectly okay act to use to boost sales?

His image speaks volumes. Brutality against women is depicted in video games, movies, music lyrics, music videos, comic books, and many other media. We are overwhelmingly inundated with these images on a daily basis. Teenage boys kill women in their video games without even blinking an eye. It is just a means to an end in the video world. A small business owner, who claims not to condone violence against women, is incapable of connecting his tasteless tactic to the very violence he doesn’t condone. The female employee seen in this “advertising” voluntarily allows herself to be bound, crawls into the back of a truck and poses in the fetal position, depicting what would likely be her final journey if this was really happening to her.

The role of the female employee scares me the most in this advertising choice. What does it say if women are voluntarily partaking in these messages? That violence against women is okay? That it isn’t a serious matter? How can men think women want them to take it seriously and know that violence against women is unacceptable if we pose as a victim to drum up business? What message are you sending to the real life victims? That what happened to them wasn’t really that big a deal?

And for those who are reading this who want to offer me the following advice…Chill out. He was just trying to get some attention. It’s not like he is actually going to go out and do that to a woman. I ask you to consider if you would think the same way if he had decided to use a child instead of a woman?

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