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Dear Daughters, The Super Bowl is Tomorrow and We are Ready With the #NotBuyingIt App

Dear Daughters,

I received a newsletter from Jennifer Siebel Newsom of The Representation Project with an update on the effectiveness of the #NotBuyingIt campaign and how you can participate during the Super Bowl. Tomorrow more than 100 million people will tune in to watch the Super Bowl – the most watched United States media event for women, men and children. She says , “Despite the fact that so many of us watch, the Super Bowl and its accompanying commercials continually fail to represent who we truly are. The representations of men and women too often rely on limiting gender stereotypes – from aggressive, emotionless men to objectified, hypersexualized women”.

The #NotBuyingIt campaign has been at work for the past two years and according to early reports on this year’s Super Bowl ads, it has been working. Read more on that at an ABC newstory, Super Bowl ads Show Signs of Maturity. One quote from that article is about last year’s GoDaddy’s commercial, “, a web-hosting company, has made a name for itself for years with racy Super Bowl ads. But it’s changing its tune after last year’s Super Bowl spot showed an uncomfortably long, close-up kiss between super model Bar Rafaeli and a bespectacled computer geek.

The ad drew widespread criticism on social media. It also was deemed one of the “least effective” ads by Ace Metrix, which measures ads’ effectiveness. And it ranked last on USA Today’s annual ad meter”.

Thousands of people have already downloaded the #NotBuyingIt app and will be working with thousands more who will be #NotBuyingIt via Facebook and Twitter. This is not just for girls and women. This is for you too, boys and men! You are misrepresented in the media as well. There is more to you than muscles right? We won’t stand for the misrepresentation of you and you can help us fight against the misrepresentation of us! Enjoy the game, but everytime you see something offensive, use #NotBuyingIt! It does make a difference. To learn how to use the #NotBuyingIt app read Dear Daughters, Here is How to Use the New #NotBuyingIt App.

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