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From me to you, highlighting challenges faced by girls

Dear Daughters, The Dress Advantages

Dear Daughters,

Jumping Rope

Jump! Jump!

I surveyed a small amount of women to find out why they did or did not enjoy wearing dresses. The advantages and disadvantages they listed were ones I had previously considered but what surprised me most was that the reasons the women chose to wear dresses had all to do with comfort and practicality. How beautiful dresses made them look was merely a bonus.


Advantages to wearing a dress

– they keep you cool on really hot days

– they are so easy! No matching pants to tops. One piece of material covers all. Just slip it on and go!

– so much easier to find a dress that fits every curve than it is pants. I was told dresses “cover a multitude of flaws”.

– much easier to shop online for a dress. Typically you can safely order the same size dress without trying it on and it will fit. Not so much for pants.

– dresses are a nice change, they add variety to a wardrobe. Being limited to pants only can get boring fashion wise.

– they make people look very nice

Disadvantages to wearing a dress

– “chub rub” was a much more common answer than I had anticipated. For those know quite sure what that is, chub rub is the rubbing together of thighs, skin on skin

– feeling exposed – there isn’t much to a dress and if the wind catches it there may be nothing left to the imagination for innocent bystanders

– one big advantage to wearing dresses is how cool they are on hot days which of course is a huge disadvantage on already cool-air days (like during those long Canadian winters). Thank goodness for pantyhose and leotards.

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