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Dear Daughters, Survivor’s Abi Gomes not doing women any favors with her comment

Dear Daughters,

Survivor:Philippines contestant Abi-Maria Gomes, 32, does not do women any favors with her advice to fellow contestant, Sarah Dawson, a.k.a Dawson. During a challenge on the October 17, 2012 episode, where contestants from opposing tribes squared off one on one (the goal was to knock an object being balanced in one hand to the ground before yours is hit to the ground), Abi and Dawson competed. Dawson made a move that sent Abi’s object falling but in doing so, inadvertently lost control of hers. Dawson’s ended up hitting the ground first, scoring a point for Abi’s tribe. The victory was the last thing on Abi’s mind, however since during the challenge, in her attempt to reach around Abi, Dawson unintentionally pulled Abi’s hair which Abi was none too happy about. Upon returning to her tribe and while fixing her hair, Abi yelled across to Dawson with the following advice:

“Play like a man, don’t play like a b@#$%!”


This was obviously meant as an insult. Why do we do this to ourselves? To each other? What Abi said is wrong on so many levels. First of all, a very derogatory term describing women was used. Second of all, if b@#$% was meant to indicate woman, then Abi is indicating that men play better¬†and more fairly¬†than women and if you want to win you need to play like a man. Lastly, by having a woman insult another woman using that term, she is basically giving men permission to use it as well to demean us. And by using it to indicate that playing like a man is better, Abi plays into society’s perception that men are the superior sex. We cannot expect men to respect us if we do not even respect ourselves!

Words are powerful so choose them carefully!



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