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From me to you, highlighting challenges faced by girls

Dear Daughters, Stacey MacKay is a member of the Cole Harbour High Cavaliers football team!

Dear Daughters,

You probably remember Stacey MacKay as assistant coach to youngest dear daughter’s soccer team this summer. With soccer over, you will now find her on the same field but in a different role. She is currently a member of the Cole Harbour High School Cavaliers football team – the first female athlete to ever play football for the Cavaliers!

She recently answered some questions we had for her and here is what she said:

NAME:  Stacey MacKay
GRADE: Eleven
POSITION IN FOOTBALL: Defensive Back Corner
Stacey MacKay jersey number 24 Cole Harbour High School Football

Stacey MacKay – number 24 – Cole Harbour High School Cavaliers football

Why did you decide to try out for the team this year?

“I have always had a strong passion for football and always wanted to play but I never knew if I would be accepted or not”. Stacey tells me since it was her second year in high school she figured it was now or never.

Have you played football before?

“No, I have never played football before.”

What is your favourite thing about football?

“I honestly can’t choose one thing about football that I love, it’s just all so amazing.”

What is your least favourite thing about the sport?

“How it’s shocking to most people that there is a female on the team.”

What other sports do you play?

“I play rugby.”

What is your favourite subject in school?

“My favorite subject in school would have to be english.”

What occupation do you hope to have in the future?

“I hope to become a cop and one day work my way up to my dream of being a K9 officer.”

What do your male teammates think of you playing on the team? Does it seem
like they think it is a big deal or are you just like anyone else on the

“Well since I’m a female playing a male dominated sport you can imagine some of the things that were said when I first joined, but now that we are halfway through the season everyone is very supporting. Some, for sexist reasons still don’t like me being on the team, but the majority of the guys have come to terms with it and  I think quite enjoy it.”

Do you get any comments from opposing players? (I played hockey with guys
and I found the opposition particularly liked to target me. I would hear
them say, “It’s a girl! Hit the (not a very nice name here). They called
me nasty names on a regular basis.

“I personally have not heard anything from anyone but when I first joined I was told by other teammates that if the other teams found out I was a girl they would try and hit me to prove a girl should not be playing. I have not yet experienced such things and hope not to.”

Do you know if any other girls have ever played football for the Cavaliers

“I do not believe any other girls have played for the Cavaliers before, I was the first to join.”

Do you know if any other girls have ever played football for any other high
school in your league before?

“I do believe so, as I know of one team at the moment that has another female player.”

Note: The Cavaliers have another female member of their team besides Stacey as well.

What advice would you give to other girls who want to play football for
their high school team?

Keep your head held high and don’t let the guys tell you, you can’t do it. Give it 110% and never and I mean NEVER give up.

Well said Stacey! Thanks so much for sharing with us. Good luck for the rest of the season!

For anyone wanting to watch Stacey in action on the field, she plays in the Scotia division of the Nova Scotia School Athletic Federation (NSSAF) Football League along with the following schools: NKEC, Central Kings, Avonview, JL Ilsley, Auburn, JH Gillis, Halifax West and Horton. You can find the schedule on the NSSAF website.





  1. I have re-read this article over and over again and each time it makes me more and more proud of who i am. i just want to thank you Terynn for trying so hard to get in contact with me to make this article it means alot.

    • Thank you Stacey and you are welcome! You are a great role model!

  2. I love reading stories where people take a “why not me” stand for themselves! Thank you for highlighting this amazing young lady. Go Stacey!!!

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