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Dear Daughters, Society Has Us Well Trained

Dear Daughters,

So yesterday Heidi and I were discussing birthday parties and something in the conversation prompted me to say, “You know if I had twins I would still throw them separate birthday parties.”

There was more conversation and then Heidi said, “I know you would. Like say one had a Buzz Lightyear theme and one had a My Little Pony theme – if they were a boy and a girl – you would have two separate parties but I think you would still have them both on the same day.”

Her brain realized what she had said but it was too late…words were already coming out of my mouth. I said, “Wtf? Did you really just say if they were a boy and a girl?”

To which she immediately responded, obviously shocked at herself, “Yes, and I don’t know why I said it!”

We know why though, Heidi. It is because society has us well trained. Everybody knows that Buzz Lightyear is for boys and My Little Ponies are for girls (said in sad, regretful, sarcastic tone).

NOTE: I have three daughters and we have had both a space themed party and a My Little Pony themed party. Both eldest dear daughter and middle dear daughter were born in October. The year we had the space themed party, eldest dear daughter went trick-or-treating as Buzz Lightyear. The year we had the My Little Pony themed party, middle dear daughter went trick-or-treating as her self-created My Little Pony, Betharoni and Cheese.


Betharoni and Cheese and Buzz Lightyear

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