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From me to you, highlighting challenges faced by girls

Dear Daughters, Shopping in Sextions Sucks

Dear Daughters,

Summertime is here again! It turns out the three of you have done a lot of growing! Not a pair of shorts that fit you to be found in our house, so it was off to the mall to find shorts and t-shirts and…

stores full of gender stereotypes!

Really? How hard is it to just organize stores by sizes and let people choose for themselves?

Our first stop was Old Navy. We wandered to the far right corner of the store or the “girls’ sextion” where the only shorts we could find were not made of enough material to cover my Cabbage Patch Kids’ butt. The Xavier Roberts signature would have been on display for the whole world to see with a pair of these shorts on. We did manage to find a cotton sundress and two tops that we liked and that also provided the coverage clothes are intended to provide (otherwise why wear any really).

We then wandered to our left, to the “boys’ sextion” of the store, and we hit the jackpot as far as t-shirts were concerned. The “girls’ sextion” was full of lighter colours: pale yellows, pale blues, pale pinks, pale greens and lots of white. The “boys’ sextion” was full of brightness! The kind of colours that scream all on their own! Bright orange, lime green, brilliant blue and even bright pink! Yep, pink in the “boys’ sextion”. Dear Daughters was very happy to see that!

In our shopping experience, paler colours are typically reserved for “girls’ clothing” and the bright colours are typically reserved for “boys’ clothing”. But we want bright orange and we want lime green! What about boys who may not always want clothing so bright they can be seen from outer space? We have also noted on many shopping experiences that “girls’ t-shirts” are often emblazoned with words and symbols having to do with their looks and their feelings whereas “boys t-shirts” are often emblazoned with words and symbols having to do with activities and attitude. Like the pink shirts we bought from the “boys’ sextion” that said “Eat My Dust“. You rarely find anything as awesome as that in the “girls’ sextion”.


When we saw all the colours in the “boys’ sextion” one of you, my Dear Daughters asked, “Why don’t we [girls] get these colours?” Well we can. And we did. We bought the majority of your t-shirts from the “boys’ sextion”. But until stores stop organizing their floor into sextions, we will have to cross the floor into each sextion to find the clothing we want.

NOTE: Each pair of shorts found in the “boys sextion” had enough material to cover five entire Cabbage Patch Kids. They must have used the material they cut off of the “girls” shorts to lengthen the “boys” shorts.


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