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Dear Daughters, See Real Time Results for #NotBuyingIt Movement

Dear Daughters,

Visit Miss Representation for real-time results of who is receiving the most call outs for using misrepresentation in their Super Bowl ads. If you want to participate remember to use the hashtag #NotBuyingIt to call these advertisers out on Twitter. Unfortunately here in Canada we are not seeing the same commercials in the US so we are unable to participate in the same manner. I am still following all of the tweets and seeing the results in real time. As of this writing, Go Daddy is in the lead with 861 tweets calling them out for sexist and gender limiting ads. There have been many tweets telling the company they have either moved their domains from their service or that they soon will be. Go Daddy has definitely lost some business because of this movement! We, as a society do have the power to change things. Social media is a huge reason so let’s use it!

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