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Dear Daughters, MythBusters tests the “Throws Like a Girl” insult

Dear Daughters,

In our post Dear Daughters, Like A Girl Shouldn’t Be a Bad Thing, we watched the Always commercial where boys and girls are asked to do things “like a girl”. The results were very telling.

On the same theme, Mythbusters put the “throws like a girl” insult to bed. They found nothing to suggest that girls naturally throw balls more poorly than boys. With no technical training, males and females threw with almost identical techniques. When comparing males and females that have both had technical training, they too threw with almost identical form. Society seems to deem the activity of throwing a more “boy-like” thing to do and therefore many boys learn how to throw properly and have much more practice than many girls. This is where “throws like a girl” comes from. Most girls were not trained to throw and that untrained throwing motion became known as “throwing like a girl”.

Our society has a long way to go to eliminating this insult, however. When girls who have been trained to throw properly throw a ball, many people say “she throws like a boy” or she “throws just as well as a guy”. When boys who have not been trained to throw properly throw a ball, they are said to “throw like a girl”. When girls who have not been trained to throw properly throw a ball, they are taunted and told “they throw like a girl”. This is very confusing since they are a girl so what else would they throw like? A monkey? In these instances, since no comment was made about how her actual skill set such as “that was not very good” or “not bad”, it is obvious to the untrained girl that throwing like a girl is not a good thing. How about describing how someone throws as fact: they “throw like an untrained person”. And if their technique bothers you so much, show them what you know.

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