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Dear Daughters, Men Are Wearing Miniskirts!

Dear Daughters,

Men in Turkey and neighboring Azerbaijan are wearing miniskirts – but not out of a desire to start a new male fashion trend. They are donning miniskirts out of a desire to raise awareness of the rape culture that exists in this world. To raise awareness against violence against women and against victim-blaming. They do this to honour Özgecan Aslan, a 20-year-old student who fought off a rape on a minibus in Mersin on February 11, 2015. Her burnt body was found on February 13, 2015 and the minibus driver has since confessed to the murder, claiming help from his father and friend.

On February 18, 2015 men in Azerbaijan began posting pictures of themselves in miniskirts using the hashtag #ozgecanicinminietekgiy (“wear a mini skirt for Özgecan”). It has since gone viral.

Why a miniskirt? According to this article in Time Magazine, “A related Facebook page for participants explains, ‘If a miniskirt is responsible for everything, if [wearing] a miniskirt means immorality and unchastity, if a woman who wears a miniskirt is sending an invitation about what will happen to her, then we are also sending an invitation!'”

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