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Dear Daughters, Meet the Guardian Princesses – A New Kind of Princess!

Dear Daughters,

The Guardian Princesses book series is redefining princesses! Move over Cinderella, Ariel and Snow White, these princesses aren’t sitting around waiting for their Prince Charming – they are saving the world. The Guardian Princesses are:

Princess Vinnea, Guardian of Plant Life
Princess TenTen, Guardian of The Skies
Princess Saya, Guardian of Lakes and Rivers
Princess Leilani, Guardian of The Healing Forests
Princess Terra, Guardian of The Land
Princess Mariana, Guardian of The Sea
Princess Aniya, Guardian of Animals

According to the Guardian Princesses website The Guardian Princesses Inaugural Trilogy contains the first three Guardian Princess Stories – Princess Terra and King Abaddon, Princess Vinnea and The Gulavores, and Princess Mariana and Lixo Island - in a Special Heirloom Hardback Volume. You can order these books directly from the Guardian Princesses website here.

Watch their YouTube video to learn more. You will see why princesses need to reinvented. The little girls in the video are asked if princesses can save the world and one little girl says only the princes can “because they have a sword and they gotta go on dangerous missions and they gotta save the princesses”. We will ask her the same question once she is finished reading The Guardian Princess series.


  1. Thanks for the great post! These books are really fantastic.

    • You’re welcome. They look great don’t they!

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