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Dear Daughters, Meet Princess Boy!

Dear Daughters,

Dyson Kilodavis is a young boy who loves the colors pink and red and loves to wear dresses. Since pink and red are simply colors and a dress is an article of clothing, there should be no problem right? Wrong. Our society deems both the color pink and dresses “girl” things. Our society is very uncomfortable with people who do not conform to social “norms” and is especially uncomfortable with boys who like anything “girl”.

Knowing this, Dyson’s mom, Cheryl Kilodavis, was worried her son would be a target for bullies and tried to prevent him from wearing anything associated with girls. Dyson was not to be deterred and in fact, it was his older brother, Dkobe, only eight at the time, who opened his mom’s eyes by asking, “Why can’t you just let him be happy, Mom?”

It was then that his mom decided it wasn’t Dyson that needed to change, it was those who would condemn him who did. In a January 4, 2011 Daily Mail Reporter article entitled I’m so proud of my ‘Princess Boy’ says mother who allows five-year-old son to wear pink dresses she went on to say, “We need a wake-up call. America needs one. The world needs one. We need to start asking ourselves why we are condemning people and things just because they are different and make us feel uncomfortable.”

In the same article, Dyson’s dad, Dean Kilodavis states, “It’s not contagious. He’s just like any other kid. He plays checkers, he plays in the trees. He just likes to do it in a dress. Big deal.”

I could not agree more with Dkobe, Cheryl and Dean…why can’t we let Dyson be happy, why do we condemn people because they are different and what is the big deal with Dyson wearing dresses? At some point society decided boys don’t wear dresses or pink. Let’s hope society changes its mind sometime soon.

Read Cheryl’s book about her youngest son, entitled My Princess Boy



Mail Online, January 4, 2011, I’m so proud of my ‘Princess Boy’ says mother who allows five-year-old son to wear pink dresses

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