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From me to you, highlighting challenges faced by girls

Dear Daughters, Meet Canada’s Female Olympic Athletes

Dear Daughters,

Canada is sending its biggest winter Olympic team ever – 221 team members, 100 of them female! Here are the 100 Canadian female athletes representing our country in Sochi 2014.

Women’s Hockey (Defending Olympic Gold Medalists)

1. Mélodie Daoust (Quebec)
2. Laura Fortino (Ontario)
3. Brianne Jenner (Ontario)
4. Geneviève Lacasse (Quebec)
5. Jocelyne Larocque (Manitoba)
6. Lauriane Rougeau (Quebec)
7. Natalie Spooner (Ontario)
8. Jennifer Wakefield (Ontario)
9. Tara Watchorn (Ontario)
10. Haley Irwin (Ontario)
11. Catherine Ward (Quebec)
12. Shannon Szabados (Alberta)
13. Marie-Philip Poulin (Quebec)
14. Meaghan Mikkelson (Saskatchewan)
15. Rebecca Johnston (Ontario)
16. Gillian Apps (Ontario)
17. Meghan Agosta-Marciano (Ontario)
18. Charline Labonté (Quebec)
19. Caroline Ouellette (Quebec)
20. Jayna Hefford (Ontario)
21. Hayley Wickenheiser (flag bearer) (Saskatchewan)


22. Zina Kocher (Alberta)
23. Rosanna Crawford (Alberta)
24. Megan Heinicke (Tandy)
25. Megan Imrie (Ontario, born in Manitoba)

Bobsleigh (Kaillie Humphries and Heather Moyse are defending Olympic Gold Medalists in Women’s Two-Man Bobsleigh)

26. Kaillie Humphries (Alberta)
27. Heather Moyse (Prince Edward Island)
28. Jenny Ciochetti (Alberta)
29. Chelsea Valois (Saskatchewan)
30. Emily Baadsvik (New Brunswick)

Luge (Canada has never won an Olympic medal in Luge)

31. Alex Gough (Alberta)
32. Kimberley McRae (Alberta, born in British Columbia)
33. Arianne Jones (Alberta)

Curling (the Canadian women won Olympic silver in the 2010 Olympics – Cheryl Bernard, Susan O’Connor, Carolyn Darbyshire, Cori Bartel, Kristie Moore)

34. Jennifer Jones (Manitoba)
35. Kaitlyn Lawes (Manitoba)
36. Jill Officer (Manitoba)
37. Dawn McEwen (Manitoba, born in Ontario)
38. Kirsten Wall (Ontario)

Figure Skating (Joannie Rochette won Olympic Bronze in 2010, Tessa Virtue and her partner, Scott Moir won Olympic Gold in 2010 Ice Dance)

Ice Dance
39. Tessa Virtue (Ontario) and partner Scott Moir
40. Kaitlyn Weaver (Ontario but born in Texas) and partner Andrew Poje
41. Alexandra Paul (Ontario) and partner Mitchell Islam

42. Meagan Duhamel (Quebec but born in Ontario) and partner Eric Radford
43. Kirsten Moore-Towers (Ontario) and partner Dylan Moscovitch
44. Paige Lawrence (Saskatchewan) and partner Rudi Swiegers

45. Kaetlyn Osmond (Alberta but born in Newfoundland)
46. Gabrielle Daleman (Ontario)


47. Mellisa Hollingsworth (Alberta)
48. Sarah Reid (Alberta)


Snowboardcross (defending Olympic Gold Medalist Maëlle Ricker)
49. Maëlle Ricker (British Columbia)
50. Dominique Maltais (Quebec)

51. Spencer O’Brien (British Columbia)
52. Jenna Blasman (Ontario)

53. Alex Duckworth (Nova Scotia)
54. Mercedes Nicoll (British Columbia)
55. Katie Tsuyuki (Ontario)

56. Caroline Calvé (Quebec)
57. Ariane Lavigne (Quebec)
58. Marianne Leeson (Ontario)

Alpine Skiing

59. Larisa Yurkiw (Ontario)
60. Brittany Phelan (Quebec)
61. Elli Terwiel (British Columbia)
62. Marie-Pier Prefontaine (Quebec)
63. Erin Mielzynski (Ontario)
64. Marie-Michèle Gagnon (Quebec)

Cross Country Skiing

65. Amanda Ammar (Alberta)
66. Brittany Webster (Ontario)
67. Heidi Widmer (Alberta)
68. Emily Nishikawa (Yukon)
69. Perianne Jones (Ontario)
70. Daria Gaiazova (Alberta but born in Russia)
71. Chandra Crawford (Alberta)

Freestyle Skiing (Jennifer Heil won Olympic Silver in moguls in 2010 and Ashleigh McIvor won Olympic Gold in Ski Cross in 2010)

72. Kelsey Serwa (British Columbia)
73. Marielle Thompson (British Columbia)
74. Maxime Dufour-Lapointe (Quebec)
75. Justine Dufour-Lapointe (Quebec)
76. Chloé Dufour-Lapointe (Quebec)
77. Kim Lamarre (Quebec)
78. Keltie Hansen (Alberta)
79. Yuki Tsubota (British Columbia)
80. Kaya Turski (Quebec)
81. Dara Howell (Ontario)
82. Roz Groenewoud (Alberta)
83. Audrey Robichau (Quebec)
84. Georgia Simmerling (British Columbia)

Ski Jumping (first time ever as an Olympic sport for women)

85. Atsuko Tanaka (Alberta)
86. Taylor Henrich (Alberta)
*Alexandra Pretorius was to compete as well but she reaggravated an injury to her ACL (she had surgery in August) just a few days ago

Long Track Speed Skating (Christine Nesbitt is the defending Olympic Gold Medalist Ladies’ 1000m, Kristina Groves won Olympic Gold in 2010 in the Ladies’ 1500m and Olympic Bronze in the Ladies’ 3000m, Clara Hughes won Olympic Bronze in 2010 in the Ladies’ 5000m)

87. Ivanie Blondin (Ontario)
88. Anastasia Bucsis (Alberta)
89. Kali Christ (Saskatchewan)
90. Kaylin Irvine (Alberta)
91. Christine Nesbitt (Ontario)
92. Brittany Schussler (Manitoba)
93. Brianne Tutt (Alberta)
94. Danielle Wotherspoon-Gregg (Alberta)

Short Track Speed Skating (Marianne St-Gelais won Olympic Silver in 2010 in the Ladies’ 500m, and together Jessica Gregg, Kalyna Roberge, Marianne St-Gelais and Tania Vincent won Olympic Gold in 2010 in the Ladies’ 3000m Relay)

95. Jessica Hewitt (British Columbia)
96. Jessica Gregg (Alberta)
97. Valérie Maltais (Quebec)
98. Marianne St-Gelais (Quebec)
99. Marie-Eve Drolet (Quebec)
100. Marsha Hudey (Saskatchewan)

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