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From me to you, highlighting challenges faced by girls

Dear Daughters, McDonald’s Markets SpiderMan Happy Meal Toy by Colour

Dear Daughters,

En route to the soccer field from the rink, we stopped in at McDonald’s for some Happy Meals. Only a couple of weeks ago the toy choices consisted of Skylanders or My Little Ponies and you were all very hopeful to receive My Little Ponies with your supper. When we were asked the usual and most disappointing, “Is that meal for a boy or a girl” question, I responded with the usual question of my own, “What are the toys?” The toy was SpiderMan. I then asked why it mattered if the meals were for boys or girls as it seemed there was no choice to be made. The explanation:

The toys are different colours for girls

You, my dear daughters, and I all took a wild guess at what those colours might be…

Pink and purple

We justĀ HAD to choose the “girl toys” to see if we were right. Sadly we were. Two of you received the pink and black toy pictured in this post. One of you received a purple ring.

Since our visit, a little boy we know very well received the properly blue and red coloured SpiderMan with his Happy Meal.

Thank goodness McDonald’s spared you from that.



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