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From me to you, highlighting challenges faced by girls

Dear Daughters, Local Toy and Bookstore, Tattletales, Let’s Children Choose

Dear Daughters,

One of our favourite stores, Tattletales, has passed the test. Not only do they have a toy, book and collectibles selection that suits every child, they also organize their store by theme and function of their inventory, and NOT by gender. This means that if you want Lego, you simply visit the section with Lego and other construction sets. When it comes to books are you interested in the Fantasy genre? If so, you need walk no farther than the Fantasy book section. Puzzles are in the puzzle section. You get the picture. There are absolutely NO signs that say “for girls” or “for boys” and there are no separate girl or boy sections in the entire store. The toys, books and collectibles are for everyone. At Tattletales you can shop with individual preferences on your mind, not your gender.

To all Dear Daughters fans who want a shopping experience that many of the larger retailers should follow, we encourage you to visit Tattletales. Owned by Anne Whebby and located in the Penhorn Plaza at 569 Portland Street, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, you will not regret your shopping experience here. For more information about Tattletales you can visit their website.


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