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From me to you, highlighting challenges faced by girls

Dear Daughters, It is hard to believe women are still denied access to education in the year 2012!

Dear Daughters,

It is very hard for me to comprehend that there was ever a time in history where girls were not allowed to go to school simply because they were girls. It is almost impossible for me to comprehend that in the year 2012, there are still places where girls are not allowed to go to school simply because they are girls! Could you imagine if you were not allowed to go to school?

Today I read a Reuters article written by Yeganeh Torbati on September 22, 2012 entitled  Lift restrictions on women’s education, rights group tells Iran that states that Iran’s Mehr agency reported in August that “thirty-six universities across Iran have banned women from 77 different majors, including accounting, counseling, and engineering, for the school year that begins on Saturday.” It goes on to state that no official reason was given but that “Iranian officials have expressed alarm in recent months about the country’s declining birth and marriage rates, seen as partially caused by women’s rising educational attainment in the last two decades.”

I could not believe what I was reading! It is true that they are still allowing women to attend school but they are imposing restrictions on what they can learn simply because of their gender. There are no restrictions imposed on the male students. Males are not having their educational rights taken away from them simply because they are males. Could you imagine if society tried to restrict a male’s access to education? There would be an outcry! There should be just as much of an outcry for a woman’s right to education!

As I neared the end of the article I read this: “In a statement released in late August, the National Education Assessment Organization (NEAO) criticised news coverage of the restrictions, saying they were taken out of context.

‘The overwhelming majority of universities and centres of higher education accept women and men in all fields,’ the NEAO statement said.”

Taken out of context or not, the fact remains that all universities and centres of higher education accept men in all fields. Women should not be excluded simply because they are women. Even one university restricting women’s education simply because they are women is unacceptable.

Don’t forget that October 11 is The First International Day of the Girl Child and this year the focus will be on the importance of girls’ education.


Reuters article, Lift restrictions on women’s education, rights group tells Iran by Yeganeh Torbati, September 22, 2012




  1. The schools are accepting the women at these universities but they are only accepting them into certain fields whereas they accept men into all fields. In other places where schools accept girls, you are totally right, this doesn’t mean their families are allowing them to apply.

  2. The schools are “accepting” girls, it doesn’t mean that the families are allowing them to apply. :(

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