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From me to you, highlighting challenges faced by girls

Dear Daughters, Is Purple for Boys?

Dear Daughters,

Today as I was shopping for your school supplies (the boring stuff that you don’t need to be there for), I witnessed some very interesting conversations. One was between two women who were buying scissors. I could not see the colors of the three pairs they had chosen but I heard the mom say, “But I have two girls and a boy”, to which the lady she was shopping with replied, “Purple can be for boys”. The mom did not seem convinced. I really should have stuck around to see what she decided in the end.

Instead I walked five steps and headed towards the duo-tang selection. There I found a mom and her son, who looked to be about ten, and her daughter, who looked to be about eight. Each of them had to choose two pocket folders and the best part about it was that they could be whatever colors they wanted. The daughter chose purple and blue. The son chose green and purple.

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