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Dear Daughters, Imagine If We Posed Bruce Jenner As We Did Caitlyn Jenner On The Cover of Vanity Fair

Dear Daughters,

Bruce Jenner is now Caitlyn Jenner and it seems this means she must be sexually objectified. I mean, have you seen the cover of Vanity Fair? Why would I expect anything less than the first photo of Caitlyn Jenner to be sexually suggestive? And why would I expect her to have clothes on? I should know better by now shouldn’t I? Check out the cover of any magazine and you will see woman after woman in similar poses with similar amounts of clothing on. At the very least you will see cleavage. The photo of Caityln Jenner gives us all of it.

Caitlyn tells us that living as Bruce was a lie but now she is truly herself. So she has been a woman in a man’s body her entire life until now. Why is it then that when she was in a man’s body no one had her pose seductively or mostly naked (not saying that this doesn’t happen to men more often than it should) but now that she has breasts we must objectify her and put her body on display for all to see? She is still the same person but we did not treat her this way when she was in a male body. If this does not demonstrate the sexual objectification of women in our society, I don’t know what does.

Welcome to womanhood Caitlyn. Are you sure this is what you want?



To see the photo of Caityln Jenner so you know what I am talking about you can check out the article on TMZ


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