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From me to you, highlighting challenges faced by girls

Dear Daughters, I Love The Representation Project (formerly Miss

Dear Daughters,

The Representation Project is a prime example of the changes we can make by working together and speaking out against what we know is wrong. Who would have thought it possible to change the advertising methods of a company like GoDaddy who insist on using sex to sell their product? Thanks to The Representation Project and their Twitter campaign #NotBuyingIt, GoDaddy, Disney, Harrods and Amazon are just some of the major companies who have rethought their advertising decisions. Just last month GoDaddy announced that during this year’s SuperBowl it will NOT be airing its trademark sexually suggestive ads. Advertisers tend to use sex because “it sells”. It only sells because we allow it to sell. GoDaddy has heard from us that it will sell no longer.

Visit the Representation Project’s website, watch the video that started it all, Miss Representation (available on Netflix in Canada, not sure about the United States) and watch The Representation Project’s YouTube Year in review video for 2013 (below). You will see there have been many improvements but sadly, the media has a long way to go. They are still failing women miserably.

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