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Dear Daughters, Here is How to Use the New #NotBuyingIt App

Dear Daughters,

I first had to upgrade my iphone to the new iOS 7 operating system before I could download the new #NotBuyingIt app, created by The Representation Project – FOR FREE! The upgrade was worth it though because now I have the power to stop the sexual objectification of women at my fingertips. The first step in the fight against something wrong is to identify it, then to educate ourselves and others, and then to TAKE ACTION! This app allows us to do all three! And so easily! Together we can change what is wrong in the media. Through The Representation Project’s #NotBuyingIt campaign, previously executed solely through Twitter accounts, women have already changed the way some media companies do business. One of the greatest triumphs was that against Go Daddy.

If any of our readers who have an iPhone do not yet have this app (did I mention it is free), I suggest they download it. The fight against the misrepresentation of girls and women is absolutely necessary. Amercian teenagers spend 31 hours a week watching tv, 17 hours a week listening to music, 3 hours a week watching music, 4 minutes a week reading magazines (although they are bombarded with magazine images everytime they pass a magazine stand), and 10 hours a week online. That is over 60 hours of media consumption per week! (Find these stats and more at The Representation Project).

With the Superbowl coming up – notorious for its extremely sexist and sexual ads – the timing of the release of this app could not be better. I tried it today for the first time and want to show you how you can use it too!

When you open the app you will see a bunch of posts from other #NotBuyingIt app users. There are two kinds of posts: the #NotBuyingIt posts to campaign against the harmful advertising some campanies choose to use, and the #MediaWeLike posts to give credit where credit is due. These companies prove that advertising can be “everyone friendly” and still sell products.

The plus sign can be anywhere

The first three things that stood out to me were the “Like” and “Share” buttons at the bottom of each post and the white plus sign in the blue circle. At first I thought the plus sign was on each individual post located between the like and share buttons, but I was fooled. This plus sign is fixed at the bottom of your screen and therefore, as you scroll through the posts, it can be found anywhere in the post. In the picture above, the plus sign is in the middle of a post’s picture of KinderEggs.

Once you realize that the only buttons attached to the indivdual posts are the “Like” and “Share” buttons, they are pretty self-explanatory. To give the post a thumbs up if you agree with the message, press the “Like” button. To share a user’s great post, click the “Share” button.

The plus sign button is your “add a post” button and once you figure out that it has NOTHING to do with other users’ individual posts and has EVERYTHING to do with you, you are on your way! When you press on the plus sign you will get a screen that looks like this:

Your choices when you hit the plus button

At anytime and anywhere you are in the app, you can post something to #NotBuyingIt or #MediaWeLike. Choose which type of post you want and you will get a screen that looks like this:

Posting in the app

The hashtag you chose will be placed into the body of the post automatically. When you are done typing your message, click on the word “Post” in the top right-hand corner and voila, you are officially part of the #NotBuyingIt movement. It is that easy!

The app offers more than that though. In the top left-hand corner are three white lines. Swipe those to the right and it will bring you to a screen that looks like this:

#NotBuyingIt app

Clicking on HOME brings you back to the posts.

CAMPAIGNS lists specific campaigns that are targeting companies’ ads. Your posts get sent directly to the companies’ Twitter accounts from here. These are today’s top campaigns:


If you see a campaign that interests you, you can join that campaign. I clicked to join the Carl’s Jr campaign.


Clicking the “Learn more” button will bring you to a page that gives you history of the company’s advertising campaigns:


Clicking the “Join us” button will give you the choice of selecting a text message, email, Twitter or Facebook through which to join.

I chose Twitter and the app typed the message for me, addressing it directly to @CarlsJr. All I had to do was hit “post” and Carl’s Jr will now see my tweet. If they get enough of these, maybe they will listen. The other campaigns listed work the same way.


VICTORIES lists and provides an article with more information on advertising companies that have changed their ad campaigns and on retailers that have removed certain products from their inventory in response to the #NotBuyingIt movement. The success stories include GoDaddy.


You can keep track of your individual posts by viewing MY POSTS. At the time I took this picture I had not yet posted anything. I just downloaded the app before I wrote this post :)


POSTS I LIKE lists all of the posts to which you have given your stamp of approval.

TAKE THE PLEDGE brings you to The Representation Project’s website where you can decide if you want to take the following pledge: “I pledge to use my voice to challenge society’s limiting representations of gender.”


The #NotBuyingUs app gives us power in an important fight. A fight that is not just for girls and women, but also for boys and men. The media sends harmful messages to everyone. When a woman is sexually objectified, everyone loses.

Download the#NotBuyingIt app and post away! Don’t forget to tune in to the Superbowl this Sunday, but not for the football! Millions watch the notoriously sexist and sexualized Superbowl commercials. Watching football will be a bonus because we have work to do!

NOTE: Typically the Canadian viewers do not see the same commercials as the American viewers.


  1. Hi there, I am not sure how to acquire technical support for this app. Has anyone else had the same problem with their Twitter address and had success in fixing it?

  2. I downloaded the app but it has a messed up version of my twitter address. I can’t figure out how to fix it. Is there any tech support for this?

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