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From me to you, highlighting challenges faced by girls

Dear Daughters, Happy Halloween!

Dear Daughters,

Harry Potter and 2 Devils

Harry Potter and 2 Devils – Halloween 2012

Halloween is here! Tonight we will roam the dark streets dressed as Harry Potter, two devils and a zombie hockey player. You will knock on doors, mutter the easy phrase “Trick-or-treat” and never be asked to perform one trick but instead be handed candy – lots and lots of candy – for FREE! All you have to do is dress up and show up. It is no wonder children love Halloween.

Don’t get me wrong, adults take full advantage of a night where we can be anyone but ourselves. What mars the night for many is the costume selections for young girls and women. Before deciding to don my hockey jersey and paint my face in death, I did peruse the costumes for adults at a local store. I want to say I could not believe my eyes, but the sad truth is that I could. I have seen it year after year after year. The costumes available for young girls and women are all about looking sexy. In case one could not tell that Halloween for young girls and women has become sexualized, they made sure to indicate that right on the costume labels. A woman could not be just a witch, she must be a sexy witch. Funny, I thought witches were supposed to be hideous looking. The female model on the package certainly was not covered from head to toe in black with a pointy black hat, nor did she have hairy warts on her nose or chin, nor a green face. No, this witch – the sexy witch – wore hardly any clothes at all. Those that she did wear were form fitting and cleavage revealing. Same went for the sexy devil costume and the sexy vampire costume. ┬áIf any readers missed my discussion about shopping for your costumes, my dear daughters, they can read the post here.

Zombie Hockey Player

Zombie Hockey Player

Due to my lack of sewing ability and the fact that you both wanted devil dresses as opposed to a devil pant-type suit (which I could have easily fashioned with red pants and a red turtleneck), I felt compelled to buy the devil costumes for sale in the store. I do not agree with the names on the packages such as “Darling Devil” and “Devil’s Delight”, nor do I agree with the poses the young female models are instructed to hold. The marketing companies are sexualizing young girls and women on Halloween and it has to stop. Miss Representation had a great idea this year that has resulted in some changes for a popular costume store. Please read their post entitled #NotBuyingIt Spirit Halloween’s Costumes For Girls.

For now, dear daughters, we are going to pause in our quest to desexualize Halloween and enjoy the night together as Harry Potter, two devils and a zombie hockey player. Trick-or-treat!

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