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From me to you, highlighting challenges faced by girls

Dear Daughters, Given The Choice…

Dear Daughters,

On the weekend your two young cousins visited the Moncton Zoo and were each given $10 to spend any way they chose in the gift shop. Kudos to their parents for allowing them to choose based on personal preferences. Your four-year-old male cousin chose the pair of binoculars he is pictured holding below. He walked around the gift shop clutching those for the longest time with every intent on buying them, until he discovered a camouflage pair that were exactly like a pair his five-year-old cousin had. He quickly traded the original pair for them. What I love about this shopping experience is that he had the freedom to chose what he wanted based on his personal preferences and reasoning, regardless of societal expectations.

For those interested, your two-year-old female cousin purchased Brittney (a chipette) and Theodore (as in Alvin, Simon and Theodore) stuffies.

Can you believe the packaging says “Girly Girl” on it?

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