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Dear Daughters, Eugenie Bouchard Reaches The Semi-Final of the Australian Open

Dear Daughters,

A Canadian female is making history at the Australian Open. Eugenie Bouchard, who is currently Canada’s highest ranked women’s singles tennis player, defeated no. 14 ranked Serbian, Ana Ivanovic 7-5, 5-7, 6-2 on Tuesday to reach the semi-finals. She is only the second Canadian ever to reach a major semi-final. Carling Bassett did it at the U.S. Open in 1984.

At only 19 years of age, Bouchard has many other accomplishments under her belt that are making her a Canadian tennis superstar. Her January 6, 2014 Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) singles ranking of no. 31 is projected to rise as high as no. 18 based on her win over Ana Ivanovic. In 2012, she won Wimbledon as a junior, the first Canadian to ever win a Grand Slam in singles. With that win she achieved a career-high junior rank of no. 2. At the end of the 2013 season, she was named the WTA Newcomer of the Year. The only other Canadian to receive that honor was Carling Bassett.

She next faces Li Na of China in the semi-finals. Li Na is the 2011 French Open Champion and is currently ranked No. 4. They are showing the semi-final match-up live on TSN beginning at 10:30pm Atlantic Standard Time. I will begin watching it and have it set to record so if I need to go to sleep I can since I have to work really early in the morning. Right now I am watching an NHL game on TSN – Montreal vs Pittsburgh – and the announcers have already been talking about Eugenie’s upcoming match and promise that if the NHL game goes late, we won’t miss a minute of Eugenie’s quest for a spot in the finals. They will just show it on TSN2 instead. As I was writing this paragraph the NHL game was on a break and they showed clips advertising Eugenie’s match with a focus on the fact that she could make history in her upcoming match. Kudos to TSN for focusing on what they should be focusing on – an athlete’s previous and potential accomplishments. This is a far different focus than that of Channel 7’s Samantha Smith.

After her quarter-final win, Eugenie Bouchard was interviewed by Smith but sadly not questioned about any of her accomplishments or her upcoming match, in which she could make Canadian tennis history. Instead she was asked who she would date if she had the pick of the litter in the world of sport or movies, etc,. Seriously? That’s what’s most important? Would they ever ask a male tennis player that same question?

I am only including the interview clip because I think it is important that you see that Bouchard laughs, presumably out of disbelief and awkwardness, and that the interviewer seems reluctant to ask her but still does.

Share this post and tell all of your friends about Eugenie’s match tonight. You will be watching excellent tennis and might be witnessing history in the making! Go Eugenie go!

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