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From me to you, highlighting challenges faced by girls

Dear Daughters, “Be A Man” Causes Hypermasculine Society

Dear Daughters,

I want to share with you and our readers the official trailer for The Representation Project’s film entitled, The Mask You Live In. As I always stress to you, I want our readers to know that we are not anti-men or anti-boys and we do not think that boys and men have no troubles in our society. We recognize that the hypermasculization of men/boys in our society is a huge problem. From a young age boys are taught to “act like a man”, “be a man”, “man up”, “grow a set”, etc. and so they spend their lives trying “be a man”. And according to society being a man is being someone who stifles their true emotions, someone who is not supposed to talk about feelings, someone who must solve all of their problems with physical violence, someone who must be able to support their family monetarily, someone who must not be so weak as to ask for help and someone who must protect all those considered weaker than himself including women and children. We put a lot of expectations on boys and men that are impossible to uphold. This is what Dear Daughters is all about. We need to change the sexualization of women and the idea that women are the weaker gender and we need to change the hypermasculinization of men and the idea that men must be strong at all times or else they are not really a man.

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Below is the trailer for The Mask We Live In

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