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Dear Daughters, Aren’t You Supposed to be Able to be Anything on Halloween?

Dear Daughters,

Isn’t Halloween the one night of the year that promises young girls and boys that they can be anything in the world they want to be? Isn’t it the one night that allows us to forget societal standards and stereotypes?

I guess not. Sexy was back again this year for young girls and women. 101.3 The Bounce, a Halifax Radio Station, asked their listeners if Halloween should be sexy, scary or funny. The majority, and by majority I mean 75-90% of the listeners, thought Halloween should be sexy.

Don’t judge Haligonians though. The Bounce decided to do their survey after announcing that some sort of international survey revealed the same results – 75-90% of people worldwide thought Halloween should be sexy.

Guess that’s why the same percentage of costumes found in stores for young girls and women are sexy. Just giving people what they want. But why do people want sexy on Halloween? Young girls and women are objectified every other day of the year. Can’t they have one night off? Halloween is supposed to be scary. It is very scary to realize that the objectification of girls and women is so strong and accepted in our society that it creeps into the one day girls and women should be guaranteed to be able to escape it.

Halloween is supposed to be the night of endless creativity. The only limit is supposed to be one’s imagination. Hopefully you don’t need make-up from Snazaroo in order to achieve this. Even on the night of endless possibilities they hold strong on colour stereotypes. I was looking for facepaint for you, eldest dear daughter, when I came across these:


As you can imagine I was pleased to see (total sarcasm) that there were separate face paints marketed to girls and boys. Even better was that in case I missed the wording “for girls” and “for boys”, Snazaroo made sure to colour the girls’ box in pink and the boys’ box in blue. That made it much easier for me to select which box of facepaint I should bring home for you, eldest dear daughter. Although I think the sparkle pink and pale yellow may clash with the blood and torn flesh look you are hoping for.

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