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Dear Daughters, A 9 Year Old is Introduced to Photoshop

Dear Daughters,

This past Saturday you, middle dear daughter, were unwillingly introduced to Photoshop and I want to share your experience with our readers.

We were enjoying a meal on the go at Subway. I had ordered a meal with a soft drink which came in a cup advertising the new movie, Catching Fire, the second movie in the Hunger Games franchise. Featured on this cup were the characters Peeta and Joanna. Middle dear daughter took one look at the picture of Peeta and asked me, “Why do they only let people without pimples, freckles or wrinkles be in movies?” With this one question I realized that my daughter, who recently turned 9 years old, has repeatedly noticed the perfection of actors’ skin in photographs. I realized that she probably thought she was not worthy enough of a role in a movie because her beautiful face is covered in freckles. I realized that children do not have to be teenage age to start thinking about beauty and whether or not they meet the societal standards. The realty is, no one meets those standards – not even the actors themselves. Josh Hutcherson’s skin (he plays Peeta) did not meet the standards. See the picture below to see how obviously photoshopped he is. So I explained exactly what they do to the pictures of everyone she has ever seen in a movie and that skin is not the only feature altered. With this new understanding, middle dear daughter looked at the picture again and said, “He looks creepy because he doesn’t look like himself”.

Peeta photoshopped

Peeta and his perfect skin

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