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From me to you, highlighting challenges faced by girls

Throwback Thursday – McDonald’s Happy Meals

Posted by on Dec 11, 2014 in Daily Doses, Food/Beverages, Marketing, Throwback Thursday | 0 comments

McDonald’s first Happy Meal appeared in the US in June of 1979 and cost $1.00. It was circus-wagon themed and children received one...

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Wordy Wednesday – Pink

Posted by on Dec 10, 2014 in Daily Doses, Pink is for Girls?, Society Says, Wordy Wednesday | 0 comments

According to pink is defined as 1. a color varying from light crimson to pale reddish purple. 2. any of several plants of...

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Tally Tuesday – McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys

Posted by on Dec 9, 2014 in Food/Beverages, Marketing, Tally Tuesdays | 0 comments

Not only does McDonald’s continue to ask its customers if the toy that comes in their Happy Meal is for a boy or a girl, they...

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#morethanwhatyousee Monday

Posted by on Dec 8, 2014 in #morethanwhatyousee Monday, Daily Doses | 0 comments

Every Monday on Dear Daughters we will be celebrating #morethanwhatyousee Monday! This is when we celebrate people for who they are and...

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Food For Thought Friday – Pro Hockey Life

Posted by on Dec 5, 2014 in Daily Doses, Food For Thought Friday, Hockey/Ringette, Marketing, Women in Sport | 0 comments

Pro Hockey Life claims to cater to one clientele: hockey enthusiasts – period. When I walk into their stores, I certainly do...

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